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5 Housewarming Gift Ideas

December 17, 2018

That don’t include wine or candles.

We are all old enough now that when someone says “no need to bring anything” you know very well you should probably bring something.  Use the guide below for some housewarming gifts that set you apart from the norm:

Stationary:  I don’t know about you but I am always searching for a happy birthday card or a cute thank you card.  Bring this as a housewarming gift and you very well might get a thank you written on your well-spent money!  Luckily, with no shortage of stores such as HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls, you can buy these fairly cheap.  If you want to really stand out, I love the stationary from American Stationary.

Picture Frames:  Technology has made it pretty simple to print photos from your mobile device or computer but not many people have frames laying around to decorate with!  Bring a simple picture frame and it will be up the next time you’re visiting!  As mentioned in the stationary suggestion above, you can buy a ton of cute and simple frames from HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls but if you want to stand out, the barn frames from Picture Frames are a great buy and places such as Wayfair, Joss and Main and One Kings Lane are great options.

Cookbooks:  Make sure you know the host is someone who likes to cook or bake prior to giving this gift or it could really fall flat, not to mention money wasted.  If your host is somewhat of a health nut, I love Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cookbook, It’s All Good.  For someone who likes more of a hearty, home-cooked meal, Chrissy Tiegan’s Cookbook, Cravings is great!  Plus, she just came out with a follow-up, Cravings: Hungry For More, but I have yet to peruse through it.  If you are unsure whether your host is a cook or a baker, any of Ina Garten’s cookbooks would be a good option, for example: The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook or Barefoot Contessa At Home.

Basket of House Essentials:  I love this idea for either a christmas party or a true housewarming gift.  Whether or not the invitee has these in their house, you know your money won’t go to waste when you package house essentials together!  In a basket, throw together some Advil, Tylenol, counter cleaning spray, dish sponge, kitchen wipes, and Ziploc baggies.  Wrap it with a big bow and voila, nothing will go to waste!

Room Sprays:  This small gift adds a personal touch to the standard housewarming candle gift.  It shows you added a little extra time thinking about the gift in addition to making it.  Plus, this can be helpful in so many rooms: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, etc.  If you need some ideas for room sprays, you can find some ideas here.

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