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15 Ideas for 5 Minutes of Self-Care

August 31, 2019
15 ideas for 5-minutes of Self-Care

Did you know that there is actually a day dedicated to mothers so that they can be lazy? It’s true… the first Friday in September is National Lazy Mom’s Day where mothers are encouraged to simply relax and take a back seat to everyday chores. HA! What a ridiculous holiday seeing as how there is no such thing as a lazy Mom. So, instead of writing about all the ways Mother’s would love to be lazy, let me be realistic and give you some suggestions on 5-minutes of self-care. This is something realistic that all of us should do for at least 5 minutes Every. Single. Day.

15 ideas for 5-minutes of Self-Care
15 ideas for 5-minutes of Self-Care

15 Ideas for 5-Minutes of Self Care:

1. Go outside, close your eyes, and listen to all of the noises you hear.

2. Send a quick text to one of your best friends to let them know you are thinking about them.

3. Blast your favorite song and do 50 jumping jacks.

15 ideas for 5-minutes of Self-Care
Self-Care: Jumping Jacks

4. Write in a journal about an experience you had the previous weekend.

5. Write down 10 things you are grateful for.

6. Pick a sweet piece of fruit and savor it, noticing every single bite in your mouth.

15 ideas for 5-minutes of Self-Care
Self-Care: Savoring a Piece of Fruit

7. Diffuse your favorite aromatherapy.

8. Make a dinner reservation for a spot you’ve been meaning to check out.

9. Try out some simple stretches or yoga poses.

10. Write a hand-written note and plan on sending it to someone.

15 ideas for 5-minutes of Self-Care
Self-Care: Writing a Hand-Written Note.

11. Lay on the floor, close your eyes, and dream about the perfect vacation spot.

12. Pick up an affirmation book and read the daily passage (a few examples of this would be Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, Melody Beattie’s The Language of Letting Go, or Cyndie Spiegel’s A Year of Positive Thinking).

13. Grab your favorite gossip magazine and sift through it.

15 ideas for 5-minutes of Self-Care
Self-Care: Reading a Gossip Magazine

14. Drop your shoulders, release your tongue from the roof of your mouth, and simply breathe for 5-minutes.

15. Clean out your desk drawer for a peaceful mind.

What are some of the ways you take care of yourself for 5-minutes each day?

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